Under Construction as of now for the Reality Show "What Would Mike Do," airing nationwide
Handmade 19' long Vw Bus
Powered by a Radical Custom Chopper Bike located in the back.
Radical Fabrication Training Classes
Custom Hands-On Motorcycle Assembly
Unheard-of Designs Opened Up to
Aspiring Fabricators and Builders
The vehicle above is the first of its kind. It utilizes the dual use of a fully
functional Drag Style Custom Motorcycle that "pushes the Vw Bus" down the
road at Interstate speeds. Upon arriving at the destination, the motorcycle is
removed like "coming out of a trailer," then the day begins with just you and
your bike.
Mike Brown, Owner of Amen Motorcycles, Veteran of the
Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-Off, and now, with
the newest Reality TV series "What Would Mike Do," will
teach you what it takes to build Custom Motorcycle
Frames that are the basis of what can become "World
Class Champions," recognized World Wide.  

Having Pioneered many One-Off Designs, the knowledge
gained thru this class will save many years of trial and
error and Streamline Your Learning Curve, so you can get
on with building "Your Dream Creations" just like Mike
Above is an example of the technology Mike builds.
360 tire, Full Suspension Frame with Dual Curved Downtubes,  fully balanced Left Side Drive, with
a 5 bearing jack-shaft arrangement, which includes a fully centered drivetrain.
Later changes incorporate a curved seatpost with the oil tank in the primary drive.
After you have completed the class, which lasts for 3
Days, you can Buy Your Frame Parts and Special
Fixtures while you're here.

Now it's possible to Begin Building Your Own Custom
Motorcycle Frame as soon as you get back home.
gets you started
Professional Hands-On Fabrication and Assembly Classes
Call 423-272-6000 to get started now
The Best Finish is to Finish Well
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The ONLY Frame Fabrication Class where
you begin your frame when you get back
home, with your own jigs and parts from
the school